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Contatta i nostri esperti, ti forniranno assistenza, materiale e ti seguiranno alla scoperta di un mondo nuovo e speciale, dove tu sei il fulcro del tuo successo


Better Coaching®

Better Coaching® started its business in Switzerland, as Better Invest sa, supported by Marcel Egli in 1998. Marcel Egli started teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their sales and marketing business. He takes care of financial real estate training and psychological training to make people earn money using their personal skills. He worked with Banks, Financial Business, Information Technology and Companies - Italy and Foreign Countries. Marcel Egli is a famous consultant who created a 360° method solving the individual problems in a total way. His method improves the individual life using coaching training, biofeedback instruments and personalized instruments to spread our senses.

In Italy

Italy main coordinator is Albina Gabellini, degree, in economics, studies in math, physic and biology. A career in American Information and telecommunication companies such as International Telephone and Telegraph - ITT and Control Data Corporation; consultant in bank’s team to develop financial promoter and clients. In 2003 Roberto del Conte and Ermanno Nerini joined the Italian team, the first one is a manager successful in start-up in Italy of some important America IT Companies, the second one, Tibetan culture expert, mountaineer and information technology skills (cited in WHO’S WHO among the first 1000 EDP manager worlwide). Ferruccio Chiavacci cames in 2004, specialized in sport medicine, physic and psychic researcher of preventive medicine.


That’s the reason why we started our Better Coaching Franchise


Let things work, let people learning from themselves and from us. We will learn as well from our clients in different situations


Our products and services are highest quality, we will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective training methodologies available. We are always there for our clients to help them in achieving their goals, following them in their thinking, learning and growing.

Contatc in Switzerland

Contact in Italy


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