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The Most Asked Questions About Cognitive Coaching Team (Franchising)


1. What do I sell as a Cognitive Coach?

Your role as a Cognitive Coach is to help businessmen/to achieve their goals, to solve their issues. You sell a Service. Essentially you will be their guide and consultant and trainer all at once. Better Coaching system has been designed to get results in a way that is both effective for the client and highly profitable for you

2. Why should I buy a franchise to become a Business Coach? ?

The franchise offers the opportunity to be the owner of an organization of a group Coaches ( instead to work by yourself as a coach). We give the chance to take advantage from our experience, systems and training.
By choosing to buy a Better coaching franchise, you’ll be joining a great Coaching Team and you’ll become an integral member of the company that started the industry. All the other coaches will all be there to help and encourage you every step along the way and to share all their knowledge with them.

3. How much I need to invest

Your initial outlay is € 50,000 and this includes everything you’ll need to kick-start and run your business. Your investment includes a powerful and highly educational library of books and cd’s that will enable you to learn how to be successful in life, in business and in your own Better Coaching? franchise. It also includes a comprehensive 2 months training program, which will teach you how to use the Better Coaching? system and how to sell your services to clients.

4. Do I need a Consulting or Coaching Background?

No. However, a strong business background is a plus. If you have owned or managed a business before, or if you have a background in sales, then this is probably the business for you. You will need a sound understanding of business principles, though, and an entrepreneurial spirit, the right attitude, and a healthy dose of motivation won’t go astray either

5. What are the keys to my success as a Coach?

A successful Cognitive Coach is results driven, motivated and willing to follow the system

6. Can I work at home?

When you start up we recommend working from home with a separate space designated for your business. An unique aspect of the Cognitive Coaching business is that most of your client consultations are done over the phone from home.

7. What is my territory ?

It is the country in which you decide to work and it has to be decided when you sign your contract.

8. What are the on-going fees and royalties ?

Unlike most franchises, Better Coaching has a fixed 5% Royalty. Annual conventions and other training programs are compulsory and will be for your account after the first year

9.What contracts do I have to sign ?

You will be required to sign a full legally binding Franchise Contract in line with local Franchise and Contract Laws. You will need to get both Legal and Accounting advice. You can go through the Full Disclosure Documentation with your advisors. Our obligations, the obligations of the Master Franchisee’s and your obligations will be clearly laid out. It will be a minimum 5 Year Contract.

10. How do I apply

We are just as diligent as you are in wanting to make sure the Better Coaching? opportunity is the right fit for you. Showing your interest by learning more about us is the first step. The next is to set a one-on-one interview with Our staff. To be in touch with you we need you to filled this form.


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