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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a one-to-one guidance and a personal support for both professional and personal life.

What is Cognitive Coaching?

It is a global and holistic approach to the human beings and it can be explained in 4 steps::

  • Plan, coach is a coordinator of a group of several specialists in technical, medical, psychological, and behavioral fields
  • Execute coach has the same rule as a sport trainer helping people to respect daily programs
  • Check coach is the analyst who shares feedback and set up personalized and efficient systems
  • Improve coach is a consultant who gives new solutions

Traditional coaching is based on the individual skills and ability development with psychological method and it aims to change beliefs and behaviors: “what you want we can actually achieve it”. That means that the individual will is stronger than nature, without considering the individual health and the brain activity.

Cognitive Coaching instead say: “what you can is what you want” that means that every psychological development is possible and every psychological techniques is efficient just if there also is the individual health, brain and hormones equilibrium

What are we looking for in every Cognitive Coach

Bright and cheerful peopleBright and cheerful people

  • who loves helping others
  • who cares about health, lifestyle, family and relationships
  • who uses their imagination to teach throughout examples

Coaching Peculiar features

  • Pre-fixed Goals
  • Pre-determinate Duration
  • Client collaboration and availability

Cognitive Coaching acts in four different ways

  1. Active coach participation Coach helps manager during his work. This approach has positive effects on health, career, relationships, feelings and life.
  2. Cognitive thoughts This holistic method increases the awareness of strengths and weaknesses and the manager’s ability of evaluation. It is possible to calculate esteem’s degree, enthusiasm and energy necessary to achieve the most outstanding goal (person and team)
  3. Cognitive technologies Using scientific discoveries about brain functions increases the abilities of learning , attention, feelings, memory and perception. A clearer vision and a wider communication ability produce outstanding strategies and performance’s management better than competitors
  4. Equipment Electronic stimulation equipment of every cognitive functions (proprioceptive tables) increases the brain and emotional abilities to evaluate the market’s opportunities faster than competitors

Who benefits from Coaching?

  • Individuals who are motivated to succeed , balance life and work, pursue life goals and increase their satisfaction and fulfillment on and off the job.
  • Executive and future leaders with gaps in their management
  • Sales Professionals to grow and develop sales skills in a new outstanding way
  • Managers to share their expertise with new customers and companies
  • Corporates
  • To invest in the individual growth of their employees for better services and performances
  • To develop and improve team motivation and cohesion
  • To create open, direct and powerful communications among members to forward company’s goals and team’ s vision
  • To work with a shared vision, purpose and goals
  • To help sales, marketing, business and profit growth, business time management and team building strategies
  • To make money with a right effort


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